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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Jan 23, 2022

Special Conditions Podcast 100

Recording Date - 1/19/22

Publish Date - 1/23/22


Adam jumped back into Competitive TCGO this week as part of a Team Challenge and was completely dismantled by Mew VMAX. We take a deep dive into Mew VMAX in Card of the Week and explain how pairing it with Genesect creates a deadly combo! The art is also amazing so be sure to check out the blog!


Zweilous is featured in Art of the Week and we take a look at designs illustrated by veteran and current artists. With such a funky design, Zweilous makes for some interesting art analysis!


Brilliant Stars is right around the corner and it includes reprints and variations of some past favorites. It will be important for you to prepare for the arrival of these cards, as they will absolutely hit the meta immediately and become staples in decks moving forward.


Finally we discuss Logan Paul’s 3.5 Million dollar misstep. In news that shocked no one, his 1st Edition Base Set case was fake. We dig in to how this will not only impact the Pokémon market, but also the sports card hobby. 


Mew VMAX from Fusion Strike -

Mew VMAX Secret Rare from Fusion Strike -

Mew VMAX Alt Art from Fusion Strike - 

Mew V from Darkness Ablaze - 

Mew V from Fusion Strike - 

Mew V Full Art from Fusion Strike - 

Mew V Alt Art from Fusion Strike - 


Zweilous - 

Zweilous from Evolving Skies - 

Zweilous from Crimson Invasion - 

Zweilous from Steam Siege - 

Zweilous from Phantom Forces - 


Brilliant Stars -

Logan Paul’s Fake Cards - 


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