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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Jul 25, 2021

Special Conditions Podcast 89

Recording Date - 7/12/2021

Publish Date - 7/25/2021


In a bit of a shorter episode this week, we dig in to the powerful and versatile Blissey V from Chilling Reign. Adam breaks down 3 different perspectives on how to successfully run Blissey V in your deck, thanks to a great article from Poké For the collectors out there, there are multiple variations of Blissey V, including an absolutely stunning Alternate Full Art!


Slugma fills the slot of Art of the Week, with an unexpected showing of amazing artwork! From practical art from a professional clay modeler, to a children’s book illustrator, the art of Slugma is diverse in style and concept.


We wrap things up with a discussion about how was the victim of a cyber attack that ultimately took the 18 year old site offline. With hard work and community support, is back up with new graphics, functionality and forums. Make sure to give them all the support you can!


Card of the Week - Blissey V

Blissey V Deck Strategies - 

Blissey V - 

Blissey V Full Art - 

Blissey V Alt Full Art - 


Art of the Week - Slugma

Slugma from Undaunted -

Slugma from Cosmic Eclipse - 

Slugma from Celestial Storm -

Slugma from EX Deoxys - 


PokeBeach Deletion -



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