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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Sep 4, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 

Recording Date - 8/16/23

Publish Date - 9/4/2023


IRON BUNDLE IS REVEALED. Will Iron Bundle (future robot version of Delibird) take over the meta as we know it?? Pokemon World’s in Japan revealed a new mechanic (future vs ancient) and an old mechanic (Ace Spec). We speculate how this mechanic will be similar to battle styles from the 2021 sets. 


Iron Bundle wasn’t the only broken card revealed. Scream Tail (ancient jigglypuff) looks to add even more firepower to Gardevoir. Roaring Moon ex (ancient Salamence) has 2 broken attacks and hits for relevant weakness. The illustration rares continue in this upcoming Paradox Rift set with absolutely beautiful cards. Iron Valiant ex (future Gallade) has a crazy ability. 


Adam takes us in the way back machine to discuss Ace Spec cards back in the day and how they were played. We review them and speculate on what the new versions will look like. 


Detective Pikachu Returns! There’s a new Pokemon game on the horizon and Justin really wants that promo card. Will there be another special set dedicated to Detective Pikachu?


Finally we end on the Pokemon World’s tournament results. We both lost sleep watching this tournament at weird hours of the day. We dive into the meta and are surprised how Mew was able to pull it off. Adam is excited about Andrew Mahone’s Miraidon list that placed in top 32. Next stop for World’s 2024 is Hawaii! 


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