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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

Special Conditions Podcast 99

Recording Date - 1/11/2022

Publish Date - 1/16/2022


We start things off with a dive into Gengar VMAX from Fusion Strike! Out of the gate is has some stunning artwork, however it also has the functionality to match! With a GMAX attack that has KO ability as well as some sneaky tactics, Gengar can be an additional threat to any Single Strike Deck!


Golduck is our Art of the Week and we span the history of the TCG with our four examples. From the classic art from the Team Rocket Expansion to a modern representation, Golduck may not be a Pokémon you immediately think of for having cool looking cards, but we hope to change that!


Next up we talk about a Florida man caught with $350 worth of TCG cards in his pants! Does he need a specific card for his deck or is he just in it for the thrill? Finally we discuss the amazing 25th Anniversary Decks that Creatures sent out to Illustrators and employees! Place your bets on whether or not this incredibly limited item makes its way onto eBay!


Card of the Week - Gengar VMAX from Fusion Strike

Gengar VMAX from Fusion Strike -

Gengar VMAX Alt Art from Fusion Strike - 

Gengar V from Fusion Strike - 

Gengar VMAX Deck List - 


Art of the Week - Golduck

Golduck from Breakpoint - 

Dark Golduck from Team Rocket - 

Golduck from Aquapolis - 

Golduck from Evolving Skies - 


TCGPlayer Booster Opening

Vivid Voltage -


Stop Stealing Pokémon Cards -

Creatures 25th Anniversary Deck -


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Trapped In A Pokéball

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GameChops - Ultraball


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He Walk - Furret / Accumula Town Remix 

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Battle with Gladion (Electro House Remix)


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Kanto Trainer Battle


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Ken Pescatore


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