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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Sep 14, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 153

Recording Date - 9/10/2023

Publish Date - 9/13/2023


Electrifying results from Day 1 in Pittsburgh! Adam and Justin discuss what this could mean. Adam Opens a pack of Obsidian Flames and does he get burnt?  Then the hosts discuss some new reveals from Ancient Roar and Future Flash leading...

Sep 14, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 

Recording Date - 9/1/2023

Publish Date - 9/5/2023


Will Obsidian Flames burn bright in the meta or will it smolder into ashes? We discuss some larger online tournament results. Zard was flying around but did it make an impact?

Adam does the peel to reveal for an alternate art Blastoise and...

Sep 4, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 151

Recording Date - 8/24/23

Publish Date - 9/4/2023

70,000 trainers descend upon Gotham (NYC) and they’re all there to see Adam. Ok maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but Adam was a notable trainer at Go Fest NYC and we discuss how it went! There was a podcast meetup for the New York state...

Sep 4, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 

Recording Date - 8/16/23

Publish Date - 9/4/2023


IRON BUNDLE IS REVEALED. Will Iron Bundle (future robot version of Delibird) take over the meta as we know it?? Pokemon World’s in Japan revealed a new mechanic (future vs ancient) and an old mechanic (Ace Spec). We speculate how...

Aug 16, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 149

Recording Date - 8/10/23

Publish Date - 8/16/23


In this week's episode Adam is riding solo. We got a question from our friend Jamal who really wanted to know what the cheapest  ground level for entry is to being competitive in the TCG and in this episode we find out!  In the first...