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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Apr 27, 2024

Special Conditions Podcast 168

Get ready for a wild ride on this week's episode of Special Conditions! The gang dives headfirst into the electrifying news of the latest Ogerpon ex reveal, straight from the digital grapevine courtesy of TPCI's mysterious email drop. But hold onto your booster packs because things take a twist when they unveil a shocking revelation: a Paldea Evolved booster box filled to the brim with counterfeit cards!

Meanwhile, Adam straps on his battle gear and ventures into the thrilling world of his local card shop for an epic League Challenge tournament showdown. Facing off against fierce opponents wielding powerhouse decks like Mewtwo V-union, Gardevoir ex, and the formidable United Wings, Adam's in for the duel of his life. Will he emerge victorious, or will his dreams of glory be crushed like a holographic Charizard? Tune in to this week's episode of Special Conditions to catch all the action, suspense, and pulse-pounding excitement!

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Trapped In A Pokéball

Dj CUTMAN and Belthesar

GameChops - Ultraball


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He Walk - Furret / Accumula Town Remix 

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Kanto Trainer Battle


GameChops - Ultraball



Adam Tuttle

Justin Keller



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Tish Smith


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