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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Aug 16, 2023

Special Conditions Podcast 149

Recording Date - 8/10/23

Publish Date - 8/16/23


In this week's episode Adam is riding solo. We got a question from our friend Jamal who really wanted to know what the cheapest  ground level for entry is to being competitive in the TCG and in this episode we find out!  In the first episode in a few weeks to open cards we take a look at the Virizion V showcase box and what it comes with. We conclude the show with discussing what Adam’s fantasy team is along with a short discussion on worlds!


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Intro Music

Trapped In A Pokéball

Dj CUTMAN and Belthesar

GameChops - Ultraball


Break Music

He Walk - Furret / Accumula Town Remix 

Dj Cutman


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Kanto Trainer Battle


GameChops - Ultraball



Adam Tuttle

Justin Keller



Ken Pescatore


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Tish Smith


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