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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Oct 24, 2021

Special Conditions Podcast 

Recording Date - 10/11/2021

Publish Date - 10/23/21 - Sorry for the delay!

We are back to celebrate the release of Celebrations! With Evolving Skies, V-Union Boxes, and Celebrations itself still being sold out, there may not be much for your community to celebrate about! Once you do get your hands on the cards, there are plenty of hits and solid pull rates to be had.

Card of the Week is Duraludon VMAX which has become a powerful tank in the post rotation meta! It also has some pretty sweet artwork to boot! Not to be outshined by our Art of the Week, Bayleef!

Finally we speculate on TCG Live and how hyped we are for the release. This could really blow the doors off of accessibility to the TCG!




Card of the Week - Duraludon VMAX -

Duraludon VMAX -

Duraludon VMAX Secret Rare -

Duraludon VMAX Secret Rare Alt Art -

Duraludon V -

Duraludon V from Champion’s Path - 


ART OF THE WEEK - Bayleef - 

Bayleef from BREAKPoint -

Bayleef from Lost Thunder -

Bayleef from Mysterious Treasures - 

Bayleef from Call of Legends -


V-Union Special Collection -

Sunsetting TCGO - 



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Trapped In A Pokéball

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GameChops - Ultraball


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He Walk - Furret / Accumula Town Remix 

Dj Cutman


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Battle with Gladion (Electro House Remix)


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Kanto Trainer Battle


GameChops - Ultraball



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Ken Pescatore


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Tish Smith


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