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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

Special Conditions Podcast 

Recording Date - 6/21/2021

Publish Date - 7/7/2021


We begin by taking a look forward into the next TCG Expansion coming to the US, Evolving Skies. The Pokémon Company loves announcing a new set as soon as the previous one releases! Our poor wallets!


The PGO and TCG crossover has finally come to fruition with an alternate art of Professor’s Research being released as a promo featuring Professor WIllow! It is currently being released alongside any Pokémon GO related product sold from Pokémon Center!


Our competitive topic of the week takes a look at some basic deck mechanics and structure including Energy Acceleration and Toolbox! These two strategies can be used together to make just about any deck better!


As for our weekly featured cards we have:

Card of the Week - Blastoise VMAX

Art of the Week - Machoke

TCG Player Pickup of the Week - Path to the Peak and Fog Crystal


Evolving Skies -

Professor Willow - 

Basic Deck Mechanics - 


Cards featured in this episode:

View them all on our blog - 

Blastoise VMAX Promo -

Frosmoth from Shining Fates - 

Suicune from Darkness Ablaze - 

Ditto V from Shining Fates -

Stoutland V from Battle Styles - 

Cramorant V from Shining Fates - 

Eldegoss V from Champion’s Path -  

Togekiss V from Vivid Voltage - 

Salamence V from Darkness Ablaze - 

Eiscue V from Rebel Clash - 

Galarian Rapidash V Promo -  

Blissey V from Chilling Reign -  

Machoke from Stormfront -

Machoke from Expansion Sheet 2 (Japan) -

Machoke from Expansion Sheet 3 (Japan) - 

Machoke from Champion’s Path - 

Path to the Peak from Chilling Reign - 

Fog Crystal from Chilling Reign - 


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Trapped In A Pokéball

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Break Music

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Ken Pescatore


Executive Producer

Tish Smith


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