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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

Special Conditions Podcast 101

Recording Date - 1/26/22

Publish Date - 1/30/22


After discussing the dominant Mew VMAX Genesect combo last week, we figured a good starting point would be to bring up another popular deck and card combo in the meta. Let’s talk about Jolteon VMAX and how it can be paired with Inteleon...

Jan 23, 2022

Special Conditions Podcast 100

Recording Date - 1/19/22

Publish Date - 1/23/22


Adam jumped back into Competitive TCGO this week as part of a Team Challenge and was completely dismantled by Mew VMAX. We take a deep dive into Mew VMAX in Card of the Week and explain how pairing it with Genesect creates a deadly combo!...

Jan 17, 2022

Special Conditions Podcast 99

Recording Date - 1/11/2022

Publish Date - 1/16/2022


We start things off with a dive into Gengar VMAX from Fusion Strike! Out of the gate is has some stunning artwork, however it also has the functionality to match! With a GMAX attack that has KO ability as well as some sneaky tactics,...

Jan 3, 2022

Happy New Year!

Here is a quick update and thank you from Special Conditions! We have some big plans for 2022 and we are excited to share new info with you over the next few weeks!

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