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Special Conditions - A Pokémon TCG Podcast

Aug 4, 2022

Special Conditions Podcast 116

Recording Date - 8/3/2022

Publish Date - 8/4/2022


With the Pokémon GO Release being available for a month now, we have seen more and more Trainers jump into the TCG for the first time. This means that popular Pokémon like Charizard and Mewtwo are in high demand for both collectors and competitors. THis week we dig in to Mewtwo VSTAR and its many variations. Being the most valuable card in the set, consider yourself lucky if you pull any from the V or VSTAR line!


To support all of the new Trainers coming into the TCG, Pokémon has released an Alternative Play Handbook which details numerous ways to play and engage with your cards outside of the normal competitive formats! From basic to Advanced play types, there is a lot to explore here, and we will definitely give some of these formats a shot!


Buzzwole was just released into Pokémon GO so to celebrate we take a look at four examples of Buzzwole art from over the years. With Shiny and Full Art versions available, it's interesting that many Trainers still don’t know that Buzzwole has 4 legs!


Continuing with the art theme, an Illustration Exhibition will be available online beginning August 10th and is to feature 50 different cards! With feedback from the artists directly, this will be a great way to learn about the process of what goes into creating some incredibly looking cardboard.


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